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Steel Bread Bin Powder-Coated Bread Storage Container, 44 * 26 * 20 cm

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Material: Galvanized Sheet
Offering a blend of contemporary and vintage design, this fresh bread box will look lovely on any kitchen counter-top.
Made of high quality powder-coated sheet steel, this bread box is durable and heavy, so your baked goods will be well protected. Handwahing Only!
Ventilation holes drilled into the back of the box offer great air flow to prolong the freshness of baked goods
Even when using home bread maker machines with the largest capacity, you could still fit up to three full loaves in the bread storage box, making it ideal for larger families, or bread fanatics.
The swing top is attached to metal hinges and is easy to open with the metal handle.

Our daily bread has been severely battered recently by low carb revolutionaries and gluten resistance fighters. It is still, if you use it properly, a fantastic food with lots of fiber, vitamins and minerals. But the most important thing is that it's always quick and easy so you do not have the temptation to order a pizza. A beautiful bread bin can not only make a contribution to the aesthetics in the kitchen, but also to a healthy lifestyle.

Bread is Indispensable

Good bread contains fibre, which is needed to keep your digestive system healthy. Of all the convenience foods out there, bread is one of the best. Not only is a good quality bread free from a whole host chemicals/ preservatives/ sugars etc that are associated with other convenient foods, it is also pretty diverse in use.

New varieties are created again and again and almost every baker has his own bread specialty. You can get bread made of oat flour, coconut flour, bread with nuts/ seeds in, bread made with various vegetables such as pumpkins etc etc. The list is almost never ending, and you can make your own bread with your own twist.

Almost nobody can resist it - the smell of freshly baked bread, whether it comes from the oven, the bread maker or the bakery around the corner. Of course, bread and rolls taste best when freshly baked, but to avoid having to buy them fresh every day, or because leftovers are left over, they sometimes need to be stored - ideally in a good bread bin.

Why a Bread Bin

Fresh-baked bread is more accessible than ever, which is a big reason as to why so many are making the switch back. These types of breads require a different storage method than commercials breads, which is where the bread bin comes in.

The reason was fairly simple enough. Commercial breads were pre-sliced, full of preservatives, and easy to keep in their included plastic bags. While these breads were able to last longer, it came at the expense of both quality and nutritional value.

A bread bin may not be the first item you think of when it comes to kitchenware, but it’s certainly one of the most underrated, and definitely underutilized in today’s kitchens. Fortunately, the bread box is on the comeback, as more and more people are realizing why it was so useful in times past.

Product Features

Gorgeous and sleek in design, this bin is adorable and will fit into any kitchen that's retro inspired. It acts as an attractive piece within your kitchen, while serving a practical purpose.


  • Durable power-coated steel.
  • Easy swing door/lid.
  • Small holes at the back of bread box for circulation of air.
  • Contemporary design that will turn heads.


The practical features eliminate the possibility of taking up too much space. Beyond this, another advantage is that it's composed of durable and sturdy powder-coated steel.

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