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G.a HOMEFAVOR Pizza Peel Aluminum Metal Pizza Paddle Lifter with Foldable Wooden Handle, 35.5 x 31.5 cm

  • $32.99

TOP QUALITY MATERIAL:Made of high-quality food grade aluminum. The handle is natural oak wood with leather rope. Durable and high-grade. The Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel Paddle is the perfect tool and companion in baking and cooking pizzas, bread, pastries and more!

DIMENSIONS: Blade Length: 35.5 cm, Width: 31.5 cm, Total Length (inc. Handle): 64 cm. The wooden handle of the pizza peel (33 cm) is long enough to keep from burning your baker's hand. Aluminium blade is lightweight and wooden handle is heat-resistant.

EASY STORAGE: Foldable design for extremely easy storage, capable to fit in any kitchen, gourmet pizza parlor and bakery! When not in use, using the rope on the wooden handle to hang the pizza peel or simply unscrew the wooden handle and storage in the cupboard. This will surely help you to save lots of space in the kitchen.

WIDE APPLICATIONS:The Pizza Peel transfer pizzas, bread, cakes, pies, pastries and other baked goods to and from the oven, BBQ and any other oven or Plate. Compatible with most commercial pizza ovens.

USING: Firmly tighten the handle prior to use. Turn the metal knob to loosen the screw and turn handle 180° inward for storage. The Aluminum Metal Pizza Paddle is the perfect tool and companion in baking and cooking pizzas, bread, pastries and more!


G.a HOMEFAVOR Folding Pizza Peel-Enjoy The Baking Time.

  • The pizza peel is made of stainless steel for long-lasting strength, and is coated with non-stick coating. This high-quality design means it’s perfect for standard domestic ovens, as well as outdoor wood-fired ovens and professional kitchens. Its handle can be folded for easy, compact storage.
  • This sturdy pizza peel is perfect for transporting pizzas from your worktop to the oven, and to the table for serving. It means no more dropped ingredients, wonky pizzas or burnt fingers - just great-tasting, homemade pizza.
  • The peel’s long wooden handle makes handling pizzas easy and comfortable, and keeps your fingers well away from the hot oven.
  • Ideal for domestic ovens, outdoor wood-fired ovens or professional kitchens.
  • We have designed our product to make preparing pizza so easy that makes it great for both experienced cooks and novices alike. With the best homemade pizza enjoy the time!

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