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Glazed Cordierite Stone, 12''x 15'' Black Rectangular Baking Stone for Ovens or Grill -Thermal Shock Resistant, Durable and Non-Stick

  • $59.99

EXCELLENT MATERIAL FOR BAKING PIZZA】 Pizza stone is made of all-natural cordierite with ceramic glaze, which has superior strength, durability, heat retention and excellent thermal shock resistance. The stone with its glaze is beautiful, and much more there is no odor when heating. And the surface is so smooth that the pizza slides down without residue after baking.

GOOD THERMAL PROPERTIES】Cordierite material is kiln-fired and withstand extreme temperatures up to 1450°F ( 787℃).The unique thermal properties offer a large number of possibilities. whatever put it into gas grill or oven, the pizza stone will keep food safe.

GIVE OFF THE HEAT EVENLY】Stone with full of invisible micro-pores absorbs the excess moisture from the dough fast and distributes heat evenly to the bread. Making pizzas as crispy as baked in an Italian stone oven. Enjoy a perfectly Italian pizza with an incomparable taste at home!

PERFECT SIZE & THICKNESS】Measures 15" by 12".The multipurpose stone is perfect for baking different pizza sizes and also suitable for baking breads, biscuits, scones. The thickness of this baking stone is 0.6" for better heat transferring.

CONVENIENT CLEANING】Due to the black glazed surface is very easy to clean. After cooling, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth, air dry completely and store in a dry place. Pure surface does not leave any food residue in the pores. Not dishwasher safe.


It is well known that cordierite is an excellent material for making pizza, but natural cordierite is not so easy to clean after baking. We have been looking for a pizza stone that is easy to clean and does not leave any food residue in the pores, and finally created this perfect glazed pizza stone.

Many people like brown and crispy pizza like a delicious pizza from an Italian restaurant. glazed cordierite stone absorbs heat fast and transfers it evenly, draws excess moisture to cook golden pizza crust. Not as soggiest as a metal pans to get the optimal cooking.

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