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Whetstone Sharpening Stone Set (Grit 400/1000, 3000/8000), Professional Knife Sharpeners with Non-Slip Bamboo Base, Silicon Holder, Fixing Stone, Angle Guide, Flattening Stone

  • $69.99

With Corundum (Aluminum Oxide) construction, this knife sharpening stone is strong and durable. Instead of expensive honing oil, you can only use water to deliver a blend of quality and efficiency to achieve ultimate sharpness of the knife. Equipped with non-slip silicone holder, non-skid base and angle guide, the process of sharpening is easy, effective and free from the risk of slipping.

The knife sharpeners have 2-Grit on opposite sides of each stone. This set offers both a coarse and fine grit to keep knives well-maintained for longer blade life. 400 grit side is used to sharpen dull knives with rough blade. 1000 grit side for fine grinding for knives that are not very dull. 3000 grit side can hone most knives extremely sharp. 8000 grit side is great for a mirror polishing.

After the whetstone is fully soaked, use the white fixing stone to level the whetstone, make it produce slurry-like water and improve the result of the grinding. The angle guide helps maintain consistent sharpening angle at 10-30 degree. The silicone holder stays the whetstone securely on the bamboo base which is non-slip designed to be safely set on your kitchen counter top.

After honing, use the flattening stone to keep your grindstone smooth and flat and aligns it for fine grinding for the next time. Use a soft brush or towel to clean the knife stones and let it air dry completely.

This is a professional sharpening stones kit for various knives including chef’s knife, boning knife, pocket knives, outdoor axe, hunting tools or scissors. Choose the appropriate grit water stone, eliminate burrs on the knife blade edge and keep cutlery performing at peak levels.

Sharpening Stone Set for Kitchen Knives


Activate Your Knives Again

  • It is quite important to keep your knives performing at peak levels because rough knives are neither ineffective nor unsafe. This set offers both a coarse and fine grit to keep knives' edge fine and sharp all the time.

  • With high quality corundum (Aluminum Oxide) construction, you only need water to help sharpen your knives easily and effectively. No honing oil needed. Get perfectly sharpened knives before each use.

  • This whetstone set equipped with 4 kind accurate grit can be used on all different types of knives including kitchen knives, chef knives, paring knives, pocket knives, butcher knives, scissors, chisel, garden tools, razor, carving tools and more.

  • Care is also easy. Wash it properly with water or wipe it with damp cloth. Then leave it to air dry.

Achieve a Fast Cutting


Notes & Specifications

Notes It is suggested to use the whole surface instead of only using the middle. It is not suitable for serrated blades and ceramic knives.


Material: Corundum (Aluminum Oxide)

Package Weight: 2325 g

Package Including:

400 & 1000 grit sharpening stone

3000 & 8000 grit sharpening stone

The flattening stone

The white fixing stong

The bamboo base

2 pieces of silicone holder

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